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Top Row (L to R): Jim Carr (x-A-2/X-'61), Bob McConnell, Joe Paone, Roger Middlesteadt, Paul DeVries

Sitting (L to R) John Skillman, Jack Zimmerman, Bob Cain, Jim Blesse, Bob Protzman,
Bill Seltz



Top Row (L to R) Jim Carr (ex-A-2, ex-'61), John Skillman, Bob McConnell, Bill Seltz,
Roger Middlesteadt, Jim Blesse 

Standing (L to R) Bob Cain, Joan Zimmerman, Jack Zimmerman, Joe Paone, Paul DeVries,
Bob Protzman, Luci Paone, Sue DeVries

Sitting (L to R) Betsy Alexander, Georgann Cain, Ellie Skillman, Bobbie Blesse, Gale McConnell, Madeline Middlesteadt, Lois Seltz


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