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Left to right, Top row; Bob Dickson, Bruce Dalgleish, Bob Yavis, Rod Cameron, Mick Maus
Bottom row; Bruce Seidel, Jon Nitkowski, Sam Wilder, Jerry Seibert, Phil Smith



Bottom row left to right:  Ursel Yavis, Joan Seibert, Saundra Dalgleish, Coralinn Maus, Gail Wilder (since deceased) Patty Smith
Next row:  Sandy Johnson (then Bob Dickson’s friend and now his wife), Jerry Seibert, Mary Nitkowski, Jon Nitkowski, Jan Seidel, Heather Cameron,
Sam Wilder, Phil Smith
Three in between:  Bob Dickson, Mick Maus, Bill Williamson
Top row:  Bruce Seidel, Bruce Dalgleish, Bob Yavis, Rod Cameron

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