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Dennis M. Rooney
Samuel N Weiss



Date of Birth:

January 23, 1939


Judy Thorton

Married On:

December 18, 1965


Dennis (Jr) b. 1966 (Ft. Bragg), married Debbie, lives in Walkersville MD

Michael  b. 1967 (Bangkok), married Elyse, lives in Plano, TX

Amy b. 1977 Minneapolis MN, married Jason Junker, lives in Fred, MD


Dennis (Jr) kid's
   Danielle, b. 1987
   Patrick, b. 1990
   Jessica, b. 1993
   Molly, b. 1994
   Rebecca, b.1997

Michael kid's
   Morgan b. 1996
   Megan  b. 2000


2231 Village Square Road
Frederick, MD 21701


(301) 696-0692 (H)



Resigned as a Major in 1971 after tours in 101st Airborne Division, Viet Nam (63), Fort Huachuca, 82nd Airborne Division, Advisor to Thailand, back to Viet Nam (69), and the Defense Communications Agency.  Became a consulting engineer for telecommunications on Minneapolis, Minn, designed the first Enhanced 911 system (ANI, ALI); moved to Harris Corporation in Rochester, NY, got involved in cellular systems, started Buffalo Cellular Telephone Company for a consortium, tried to buy it, failed, and went to work for UPS where I helped design the cellular network which runs their electronic clipboard locating system.  Left there to work for Hughes Network Systems deploying their cellular system for Bell South.  In 1998 left there to become Chief of the Telecommunications Division of Montgomery County Maryland.  Hope to retire in 2006.

First row: Morgan, Rebecca, Jessica, Elyse, Molly, Denny
Second Row: Danielle, Megan, Amy, Patrick, Debbie, Judy
Third Row, Michael, Dennis (Jr), Jason (partially hidden)












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