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Kenneth L. Hruby



Date of Birth:

December 4, 1938


Billie (nee Jensen)

Married On:

October, 1963


Melissa (’65) married Don Palladino 2004

Amanda (’67) married John Waters 1992

K. C. (‘70) married Sheila Joseph 1998


O’Malley (‘93)
Savannah (’93)
Gabriel (’95)
Dyson (’01)
Dylan (’01)
Alli (’06)


3 Gerring Road, Gloucester, MA, 01930


(978) 283-0460


Web Site:


To briefly update, in an attempt to over compensate for 21 years of overwork at low pay, I chose to follow my bliss and attend art school upon retirement.  Substantiating my low class standing all those years ago, I elected to pursue sculpture, which is what most people bump into when they step back to look at a painting.  To support my sculpture habit,  and in further evidence that that firstie logic class had some flaws, I signed on to teach sculpture after graduating from art school.  Soldier to sculptor, to teacher - chasing the big bucks, obviously.

The art school where I teach, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, is affiliated with Tufts U. and I am engaged in bringing the sculpture area and the school into the 21st century by introducing computer-aided design and fabrication into the curriculum.  This is done in collaboration with the architecture dept. at MIT and, thus, I get the chance to engage and teach with some of the brightest folks on the block and attempt to contaminate the standard art-student mind-set with such alien concepts as structure, preplanning and discipline.  It does require me to stay reasonable up to date with the emerging technologies - not my strong suit, but I am the only thing that even resembles an "engineer" on the faculty.  I also teach a "lightweight construction" and traditional (welding, carving, etc.) fabrication techniques.  Teaching is great and there are weeks when I would do it for nothing, then there are weeks when I question my sanity.

My own work has evolved, and is best seen on for those of you interested in some light reading. 

Along with my first wife, Billie, I live on an island, Cape Ann, north of Boston in the fishing town of Gloucester where the tale of the "Perfect Storm" originated and was filmed.  Our three children, whom some of you will remember as Melissa, Amanda and KC, all now live within the immediate area and are excelling in their respective areas of culinary arts, nutrition counseling and fashion design/screen printing, among other things,  with the cumulative sum of six off-spring in the gene pool.  Grand-parenting is a great way to maintain a sense of perspective. 

Beyond the isolation that comes with being a studio artist, geography has intensified that sense and, save a few local classmates who annually gather to mourn at the army/navy game, I have little contact with the class or company mates. I hope to see you all at the 45th at USMA in good health and good spirits. 

Ken and daughter Amanda














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