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Russell Cornelius
Russell Cornelius



Date of Birth:

June 16, 1939



Married On:

March 3, 1962


Allison Alleva (1969)
Roger (1972)
Cecily Cornelius-White (1974)


Robert Martin Alleva (2001)
Avery Cornelius- White (2004)
Jonathan Russell Alleva (2005)
Evan Cornelius-White (2006)


131 Mulberry Drive, Metarie, LA 70005


504-837 6016 (H)



Concluded active duty after Field Artillery service in Germany in 1964 to enroll at Tulane.  Received MBA in 1966.  Worked as engineer at Exxon's Baton Rouge refinery until 1969, when sent to Houston as a senior supply analyst.  Left the oil company in 1971 for Loyola in New Orleans, where received JD in 1974 and practiced insurance defense law in New Orleans until full retirement at the end of the year 2008.

Have had to learn to cope with paralysis in left arm and leg, all resulting from a stroke in my right temporal lobe in the year 1991.  Stroke was caused by removal of blood vessels during brain surgery. What the surgeon believed was a malignant tumor turned out not to be a malignancy at all. Fortunately, my left leg regained enough function for me to walk at a slow pace without need of a cane or wheelchair. Each week, I try to get three workouts at the gym and play one round of my double-bogey game of goIf.

Look forward to many more years of a nice lifestyle with Carolyn, my wife since 1962, as we see our children progressing in their respective careers and watch our grandchildren as they are growing up. Both of us still in fairly good health, my wife and I plan to continue our travels to places of beauty not yet seen and enjoy gatherings with West Pointers and with other old friends whenever the occasions allow.

June 2013 in Florida

(rear, l to r): son Roger, daughter Cecily, old man Russell, wife Carolyn, daughter Allison, son-in-law Quentin   (front, l to r): grandchildren Avery, Evan, Jonathan, Robert















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