50 th Reunion
14 -18 May, 2011

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Remaining Mementoes From 50th Reunion  Available for Purchase From Ed Brown

The Class is offering for purchase the USMA 1961 Class Pendant, the men’s straw hat, and the 50th Anniversary DVD – mementoes remaining from our 50th Reunion.  The sale is first come, first served until all are sold.


For you who were not able to attend the 50th, the ladies received the USMA 1961 Class Pendant.  It is from the “Artel Collection” by Matthew (USMA ’79) and Debbie Duffy.  The pendant comes with an 18” chain.  There are 36 pendants for sale at a cost of $60 per pendant (shipping included).


There are 6 straw hats – one size fits most – that were given to our Classmates at the Reunion.  The cost is $25 per hat (shipping included).


There are 18 DVDs.  The DVD contains memorable songs and music from West Point; a photo series from our four years of Cadet life, our many Reunions, and other Class events; and reflections on our Class motto, our memorial at Reconciliation Plaza, and our passing the torch.  The cost is $10 (shipping included).


If you would like to purchase any of these items, please contact Ed Brown at Ed Brown [edbrown61@verizon.net] as soon as possible to ensure there is inventory remaining.  At that time, Ed will send you ordering information.

Last 10 Copies of 50th Yearbook Available for Sale From Bob Hardiman -- Postage Paid

Bob Hardiman wants everyone to know that he has 10 of the 50th Anniversary Yearbooks left -- and that's it.  The publisher has no more and cannot print anymore.  The class bought the last 10 that they had.  If anyone wants one, they should email Bob at Isabellepris@aol.com or write him at Bob Hardiman, 1106 Roundhouse Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314.  The cost is unchanged at  $75.00; the class will pay the mailing fee.

802 Pictures & 6 Videos  of 50th Reunion Events Available Here as Web Slide Shows 


13 May - Work Party and Dinner - 10 pictures

14 May - Early Bird Golfers & Shooters - 6 pictures

14 May - Saturday Registration - 56 pictures

14 MAY - Buffet Dinner - 8 pictures

15 May - Sunday Continential Breakfast - 7 pictures

15 May - Boat Tour of NY Harbor - 24 pictures - Kopcsak


15 May - Company I-1 Dinner - 19 pictures

16 May - Monday Continetial Breakfast - 22 pictures

16 May - Class Business Meeting - 10 pictures

16 May - Loading Buses for Trip to West Point - 33 pictures

16 May - Lunch Ike Hall - 27 pictures

16 May - Superintendent's Briefing - 8 pictures

16 May - Memorial Service - 20 pictures

16 May - Buffet Dinner - 51 pictures

16 May - B-1 Company Picture & Buffet Dinner 20 pictures - Kopcsak

17 May - Tuesday Continental Breakfast - 15 pictures

17 May - Lunch Washington Hall - 40 pictures - Weiss & Kopcsak

17 May - Class Gift - 22 pictures

17 May - Recconciliation Plaza Visit - 36 pictures

17 May - Dinner Dance - 41 pictures

17 May - Dinner Dance - 20 pictures - Kopcsak

18 May - Wednesday Farewell Breakfast - 19 pictures

18 May - Departing 50th Reunion - 7 pictures

50th Pictures taken by Dave Brooks  - 10 pictures


50th Pictures taken by Bren Battle's wife Alice - 43 pictures


50th Pictures taken by Bobbi & Don Lionetti - 59 pictures


50th Pictures taken by Burke Mucho's wife Sandy - 89 pictures


50th Pictures taken by Jerry Seibert - 46 pictures


50th Pictures taken by Ken Siegenthaler - 77 pictures

Click here
for page with 6 videos of Class Memorial Service taken by Ken

All pictures were taken by Sam Weiss unless so noted.

50th Reunion Monday Night Dinner Slide Show Pictures Available for View or Print

The following are the slide show pictures prepared by Dick Buckner and shown at the 50th Reunion Monday Night Dinner 16 May 2011.  In order to allow people to view these pictures at their own tempo, and to be able to print copies of individual pictures, they are provided as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. 

Presentation Part 1 1957-1961

Presentation Part 1 1957-1961 - Part 2

Presentation Part 2 Between Years

Presentation Part 2 Between Years - Part 2

Presentation Part 2 Between Years- Part 3

Presentation Part 3 Between the Years

2010 Founders Day Show

2010 Founders Day Show-Part 2

This method of presentation will take a few minutes or more for each of them to download to your PC, so please have patience.  It will be worth the wait, especially if you want to make a print of any of these pictures.

If you do not have a version of PowerPoint 2003 on your computer, you can download the PowerPoint Viewer here.

Hints for using the PowerPoint Viewer:
1. In SLIDES on left edge, left click on the slide you want to go to next.
Right click on slide to get menu with Options to COPY.
Left click on COPY (in menu from 2. above).
4. PASTE copied slide into a WORD document.
5. PRINT the WORD document.

Memorial Service Held 16 May 2011 to Remember our Deceased Classmates

The Memorial Service to remember our deceased Classmates was held in the Cadet Chapel.  Click here for a copy of the Memorial Service Program.


50th Reunion "State of the Class" Presented at Business Meeting by Class Pres. Bob Glass

Click here for PowerPoint presentation of the "State of the Class" presented at the 50th Reunion Buiness Meeting by our Class President Bob Glass, with assistance by other Class Officers.


Class Executive Committee Elected at 50th Reunion Business Meeting 16 May 2011

The Nominating Committee had received input from a host of Classmates.  Having considered that counsel, they nominate the following individuals for the positions indicated: 

President:  Robert R. Glass, II
Vice President:  John B. Shroyer
Treasurer:  Richard A. Buckner
Secretary:  Edward A. Brown, III

Additionally, they recommend the class invite Lucy Paone, widow of our Classmate Joseph F. Paone, to serve as an ex-officio member to the Class Committee.  Lucy could provide a perspective from widows and be a useful advisor to the Executive Committee.

The vote to accept the slate of officers took place on 16 May during the business meeting at our 50th Reunion.  All were elected by acclamation.

Final Correspondence with Details of 50th Reunion Events Sent and Available Here

Dear Classmates and Family Members:

This is our final correspondence for the reunion before we gather at the Westchester Marriott in Tarrytown. If you know of any Classmates who might yet be encouraged to attend, please give them a call and contact either Ed Brown (edbrown61@verizon.net) or Dick Buckner (rabuckner61@comcast.net). We have 686 persons signed up including Classmates, spouses, family members (including grandchildren), and guests. We have 519 persons signed up for the cruise on Sunday.

We have a number of individuals who have paid the initial registration fee, but have not yet paid for event registration. We are pushing the edge on committing to numbers for the events, some of which require 4 weeks notice, and need your help in sending in your checks or alerting Dick that the “check is in the mail”. Most of those in arrears in some form have received e-mails from Ed Brown.

Click here for complete text of correspondence and details of each 50th Reunion event, including suggested dress.

686 Classmates,Widows & Guests as of
16 Apr 11 Registered to Attend Reunion

The total number of classmates (grads, non-grads, and widows) is 316

Click here for list of who is coming to the 50th Reunion

519 Classmates, Widows & Guests as of
16 Apr 11 Registered to Go On Cruise

Majesty Charter Yacht on New York Harbor

Click here for list of who has paid to go on the Cruise.

Click here for more details on the cruise ship.

50th Reunion Latest DRAFT Schedule

Click here to go to 50th Reunion Latest Draft Schedule.

50th Reunion Registration Forms Have Been Mailed and are Provided Here if Needed

Registration Letter
Our 50th Reunion is just three months away – May 14-18, 2011!  Thanks to all of you, we are expecting a huge turnout – so far we have 293 Classmates and 17 widows returning for the Reunion.  With more than 650 people signed up in some manner (registration or hotel reservation), we’ve exceeded all of our planning figures.  Click here for full letter.

Early Bird Shoot
An “Early Bird” Skeet and Trap Shoot is once again being organized for our May 2011 50th Reunion.  This event was very well received at our 40th and 45th Reunions; so we’re now going for a ’61 ‘hat trick’ on Saturday, May 14, 2011. Simply stated, the event is “Back by popular demand!”  We now request that everyone interested, please sign up as soon as possible so that all necessary preparations can be made in a timely manner  for all those who wish to participate.  An early 08:00 assembly and 08:15 departure on Saturday morning from   the entrance of the Westchester Marriott Reunion Headquarters is necessary.  Click here for full information and how to sign up for shoot.

Golf Tournament Saturday 14 May 2011
         9AM Shotgun start at West Point Golf Course
         Scramble (Captain’s Choice) format
Click here for full information and how to sign up for golf tournament.

Cruise Registration
We have a day cruise (3 hours) in NYC Sunday noon.  Click here for a copy of the Cruise Registration Form.

Reunion Registration Form - Deposit PAID
Click here for copy of Reunion Registration Form if your deposit has been paid.

Reunion Registration Form - Deposit NOT Paid
Click here for copy of Reunion Registration Form if your deposit has NOT been paid.

Reunion Registration Form - Widows Click here for copy of Reunion Registration Form for Widows.

Items for Sale at Reunion
Click here for items for sale at Reunion and Order Form.

Reunion Committee Guidance Provided on the "Uniform" for Alumni Review at 50th

The Reunion Committee has had some questions posed about the "uniform" for the Alumni Review on Tuesday, 17 May. The Reunion Committee's most important requirement for the Alumni Review is that all from the Class of 1961 who are attending the 50th Reunion participate in the review regardless of the suggested "uniform."  Regarding the dress (Blue Blazer over Gray Trou)... the Reunion Committee fully understands that all attendees may not have the suggested apparel. If you do not have a blue blazer and gray trou, a coat and tie will also be apropos. Bottom line: we want everyone to attend the Alumni Review. The Reunion Committee's decision to make an attempt to get everyone in the same type of dress was made after seeing other grads at their Alumni review for 50th - the majority wearing the blue blazer and gray or tan trou and matching hats.

The straw hats to be warn at the Alumni Review will be provided as part of your registration package.  The cost of the hat has already been included in your $150.00 registration fee.  The hats will be distributed when you arrive/register at the Westchester Marriott Hotel.

50th Reunion Registration Letters and Forms Now Mailed and Available Online

The 50th Reunion registration packages have been mailed to all Classmates and Widows with known addresses.  Both grads and non-grads got a letter signed by Dick Buckner asking them to complete the registration form and send it along with the registration fee of $150.  Click here for a copy of that letter.  Click here for a copy of the Registration Form. 

The widows got a letter signed by Bob Glass with a registration form that does not require a registration fee.  Click here for a copy of that letter.  Click here for a copy of the Registration Form. 

All 545 addressees got a black and white version of the cruise flyer, the cruise menu, and the cruise registration form.  Click here for a color copy of cruise flyer.  Click here for a copy of the cruise menu.  Click here for the cruise registration form.

50th Reunion DRAFT Schedule Available

Click here for the 50th Reunion Draft Schedule.

50th Reunion Committee Organization List

Click here for the 50th Reunion Committee Organization

50th Reunion Yearbook Detailed

Our 50th Reunion Class Committee has decided to publish a 50th Reunion Yearbook. I, Bob Hardiman, have been fortunate enough to be asked to be the Yearbook Editor. The class considers everyone a Classmate who entered with us in 1957 to include those who did not graduate as well as widows and children representing those no longer with us.

Click here for full details of the 50th Reunion Yearbook.

50th Reunion Yearbook Ordering Information and Form

Click here to go the Order Form for the 50th Reunion Yearbook.
When ordering, do not forget copies for your children and grandchildren.








 Long ago when this Country was new
Our forefathers said here’s what we must do. 

We must find a place where young men can be
Trained to serve this great country. 

West Point was chosen as the place
Where they learned to serve with honor and grace. 

They were taught to serve, and only then
Were they sent to become leaders of men. 

Duty, Honor, Country for all time
The world is encircled by The Long Gray Line.

By Joan Seibert
in honor of the Class of 1961 50th Reunion


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