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50th Reunion Yearbook Detailed

USMA Class Of 1961

          50th Reunion Yearbook


 23 October 2009

 Dear Classmates, Widows, ex-Classmates :

Our 50th Reunion Class Committee has decided to publish a 50th Reunion Yearbook. I, Bob Hardiman, have been fortunate enough to be asked to be the Yearbook Editor. The class considers everyone a Classmate who entered with us in 1957 to include those who did not graduate as well as widows and children representing those no longer with us.

A proposed yearbook outline follows below. In January 2010, you will be receiving a letter with an expanded, updated outline as well as requests for the information we will need from you. This is a fairly ambitious project, but with your cooperation and timely input, I believe we can do a quality job. We will not be expecting input on every section, but if you have some suggestions or something to contribute to add interest, please provide the information..

For the yearbook to be a success, we need help! VolunteersóClassmates, widows, or family membersó to write and/or edit sections. We will input our work into a virtual book with Jostens Publishing. If you are interested in helping, please contact me by email at,  by phone at 703-535- 1248, or by snail mail at 1106 Roundhouse Lane, Alexandria, VA 22314.

Look forward to hearing from you,

Bob Hardiman
Yearbook Editor



Draft 50th Reunion Yearbook Outline


Hard front and back cover: color to be determined

Inside front cover: Picture of Reconciliation Plaza

Inside back cover: Aerial View of West Point


Dedication & Introduction


Recognition & Appreciation: Summary of special activities of Class of 1961 to include class gifts.


        Class History: Our four years at West Point and military experiences.

        An Army Perspective

        Statistics: Numerical compilation of class, families, branches, etc.

        This Is My Story: From Cadet Days or other amusing stories since graduation..

        Long Gray Line

        Biographies: In your own words, summary of your career(s) and life over the past 50 years. 

        Well done; Be Thou at Peace: Memorial tribute.

        Family Photos

        Company Memorial Pages: Company sponsored memorial page purchased by members of the company honoring their deceased company mates.

        Reunions and Candid Photos















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