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Class of '61 Presents Class of '11  Their Class Flag in 25 July 2008 Fifty Year Affiliation Ceremony

Friday, 25 July was a day on which the Fifty Year Affiliation Classes of 2011 and 1961 significantly strengthened the ties between them through their participation in the Yearling Flag Ceremony. This ceremony is a key component of the Fifty Year Affiliation Program, for it is the occasion when the Fifty Year Affiliation Class presents the new Yearling Class with its official Class Flag, a Flag that will be present during all key Class events from this point forward.

Representing the Class of 1961 were MG and Mrs. Charles Armstrong, COL and Mrs. Albert Vanderbush, and Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Shroyer. Their counterparts from the Class of 2011 were the Class President—Cadet Michael McCullough—and Vice-President—Cadet Joseph Simon. MG Armstrong, former commander of the 9th Infantry Division, focused his remarks to the Class of 2011 on his admiration and respect for the cadets gathered in front of him and on the significant role that Flags—“Guidons”—have played and will continue to play in the Army. He stated that his Class was proud to be the Affiliation Class for the Class of 2011, and that he hoped the Class Flag being presented today would help connect the cadets with the Army they will soon join.


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