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Thayer Walk Project

The “Thayer Walk Project” will convert that portion of Thayer Road starting in the vicinity of Mahan Hall, running north past Lee Barracks, Grant Hall, Pershing Barracks, and Bartlett Hall, and east on the road in between Patton Monument and the Cadet Library into a pedestrian mall. The USMA Classes of 1957, 1961, 1965, and 1974 will provide the funds to construct and memorialize their portions of the project.

The Class of 1961 section — the southernmost quarter of the project between Lee Barracks on the west and Mahan Hall and Taylor Hall on the east — will commemorate the reconciliation between the North and the South after the Civil War. The Class of 1974 section — in the area between Grant Hall and Pershing Barracks on the west and Taylor Hall and Bartlett Hall on the east — will recognize the role West Point has played in providing leadership to our nation. The Class of 1957 section, at the east end of Eisenhower Barracks, will display an Honor Court memorializing the Cadet Honor Code. The Class of 1965 section, in front of the Cadet Library, will recognize emerging technologies in our Army.

To fund the cost of the Thayer Walk Project, each class agreed to donate $750,000 plus the cost of their individual memorials prior to the beginning of construction in June 1999. With the exception of class memorials, construction will be completed by 2001. The Class of 1961 will dedicate its gift at its 40th Reunion on October 4 – 7, 2001.

The USMA Class of 1961 gift will be dedicated to all classmates who gave their lives in service to our nation, specifically those who died as a result of action in the Vietnam War and who died as a result of military accidents in time of war. In addition, we will honor the members of the USMA Classes of May and June 1861 who died as a result of action in the Civil War. The dedication monument to be placed at the north end of the turn-around will be flanked by two monuments naming the members of the classes being honored. Along the wall between Mahan Hall and Taylor Hall overlooking the Hudson River, thirteen plaques will detail an historical account of the events that led to the reconciliation of a divided nation, and a divided USMA alumni, after the Civil War. In addition, there will be bas-reliefs of General Ulysses S. Grant, USMA Class of 1843, and General Robert E. Lee, USMA Class of 1829. All plaques will be etched on the polished surface of black granite blocks.




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