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Colors of Canada Cruise 30 Sep - 10 Oct 2017  on MS Zuiderdam Latest Update Available

  Ahoy Cruisers:   This is Update # 4  

        Barney, Dan and Pam                        

        Buckner, Dick and Trish                    

        Conley, Will and Kathy                       

        Connolly, Jim and Linda                    

        Fishburne, Joe and Ginna                                    

        Glass, Bob and Dawn                                                 

        Goodell, Gene and Sharon                                               

        Harpold, Mike and Elaine

        Kammerdiener, John and Ellen 

        Kremer, Judy

        Lenhart, Denny and Kathryn

        Lionetti, Don and Bobbi

        Urette, Mike and Karen

        Witherspoon, Gene 

Update # 1 was posted on 8/21/2016 and we emailed Update # 2 on 4/18/2017.  Update # 3 was posted on 6/11/2017, published only to attendees as we no longer publish to the entire class.  The above roster on this Update # 4 reflects a few cancellations; Bob and Priscila Hardiman, Gary and Button Hyde, and Frank and Joan Rauch are unable to join us.  If you are missing any of the 4 Updates, the original Flyer, Notes and Details, and the Insurance Sheet, Don is prepared to send.

If you haven't already done so, you should do On-Line Check-In.  Start with your Cruise Vacation Outlet Confirmation from Bob Durnhan.  Scroll down about halfway through the document and click on "Holland America" in the Cruise Liners matrix. Then you can start the check-in process by entering your last name and your Cruiseline Reservation Number (which is highlighted in green on page one of Durnan's confirmation).  Enter only the last six digits after the dash.  Then follow all the prompts, eventually leading to boarding passes and luggage tags for you to print.    This should be completed at least 30 days before embarkation to avoid delays getting on board at the port. 

Let's talk about excursions.  First, there's no requirement to go on any excursions; many enjoy remaining on board or just doing self-guided tours at each port of call.  Alternatively, there are some comprehensive (and expensive) excursions you may wish to consider.  Suggest you review what is offered as part of the check-in process.  

To supplement the excursion notes we included with our last update here are some thoughts:

  • In Boston 

Click here: The Top 10 Things to Do in Boston 2017 - Must See Attractions in Boston, MA | TripAdvisor

You can go to and put in a city name and they will tell you the best things to do in that city.  Also see

Click here: Boston Tours | Boston Trolley | Old Town Trolley Tours  and Click here: Boston Hop-on Hop-off Trolley Tour with Harbor Cruise 2017

  • In Bar Harbor consider a lobster lunch at one of several restaurants at this quaint little port. 
  • In Halifax the extravagant excursion Zuiderdam offers is a coach visit to Peggy's Cove....picturesque overload (in 3, 3.5, 5 and 5.5 hour versions) 

Click here: Halifax Free Walking Tours (Nova Scotia): Top Tips Before You Go - TripAdvisor  as an alternative.

  • At Sydney, Nova Scotia the principal attraction is the Fortress of Louisbourg, much like Colonial Williamsburg.  Long bus ride and a lot of walking.
  • At Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island you could consider a coach tour to Anne of Green Gables (in 3.5 and 5 hour versions).
  • At Quebec City we have a whole day.  Explore this web site: 

Click here: The Top 10 Things to Do in Quebec City 2017 - Must See Attractions in Quebec City, Canada | TripAdvisor   As a minimum we should have a nice lunch in the Historic section (will recommend a few choices on board) and do a hop on - hop off tour of the old city. 

Click here: Quebec City Hop-On Hop-Off Tour 2017

At each evening's dinner we are all booked in the Main Dining Room on adjacent tables of 8-10 so we can talk about the next day's events.

Don't hesitate to email or to call Jim, Linda, Don or Bobbi should you have any questions.  

Looking forward to seeing you soon, 
Jim Connolly and Don Lionetti  (772-492-9787)  (813-281-2133)


Bar Harbor Halifax

Cruise Excursions

Rest of Cruise Ports

Travel Insurance

First and foremost, please check your passports.  Expiration date must be at least six months beyond our return date from Canada.  So, for this cruise your passport expiration date must be March 10, 2018 or later.  You can download a DS-82 Renewal Application form from the Deparment of State web site if required.   

To remind, the due date for final payment is July 1, 2017.  You will find the amount you owe on the Cruise Deposit Confirmation email that Bob Durnan sent to each of us.  Call him at 1-800-797-4635, ext 129 (or 407-283-2676, cell).  You may pay by credit card or check. 

Although there is no requirement to buy insurance, doing so can protect the total cost of your cruise as well as airfare should you have to cancel before embarking or should you have a medical problem during the cruise.  See the Insurance Information paper we provided with Update # 2.  Also, am attaching here a Travel and Leisure magazine article, Everything You Need to Know About Travel Insurance.

Both the Connolly's and Lionetti's received an email from Holland America on 6/2/2017, Subject: Before You Sail, Book Shore Excursions.  This is a good site to browse.  We suspect we got this solicitation because we did on-line check in.  To supplement this information, we are attaching Notes written by friends of the Lionetti's about some of the same ports they visited seven years ago.  Also, have attached handouts on Ports of Call from Holland America from this 2010 Cruise.

If you haven't already done so, Update # 2 covers how to do On-Line Check-In.  Should be completed at least 30 days before embarkation to avoid delays getting on board at the port.

At each evening's dinner we are all booked in the Main Dining Room on adjacent tables of 8-10 so we can talk about the next day's events. 

Don't hesitate to email or to call Jim, Linda, Don or Bobbi should you have any questions.  

Very best wishes to all,
Jim Connolly and Don Lionetti (772-492-9787) (813-281-2133)

With just over three months until we embark aboard MS Zuiderdam on Saturday, September 30, 2017 in NYC we assume that everyone has firmed up their plans to get to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal at 711 12th Avenue (at W 55th Street), NYC.  The Connolly's and Lionetti's are flying to Newark (Liberty) Airport (EWR) and will cab or Uber to the port.  Alternatively, you may wish to buy airport transfers from Bob Durnan for $109 per person (Airport to ship in NYC for $75 pp, and from ship to airport in Quebec is for $34 pp.)  By using a cab or Uber in NYC we will avoid the $75 per person, and are considering the same in Quebec to avoid the other $34 per person.

Zuiderdam should be ready for boarding starting at 11:30 AM.  If you are using transfers from NYC airports, those motor coach operations begin at 11:00 AM.  Holland America says these busses will be departing every 30 minutes or so. 

The Lionetti's and Connolly's have booked their October 10 flights home from Quebec City.

If you haven't already done so, on-line check-in is available.  Start with your Cruise Vacation Outlet Cruise Deposit Confirmation that you received from Bob Durnan.  Note the Cruiseline Reservation Number (high on first page in Cruise Package Details) highlighted in green.  You will use only the six letters/numbers after the dash.  Then, a few pages down in the Cruise Deposit Confirmation, click on the blue "Holland America" button in the On-line Check-in Matrix.  This takes you to a Check-in and Luggage Tags page.  Then, just make entries required and follow the prompts.  At the very end you will be able to print luggage tags.  Even if you don't have all required information, the software saves all your entries for when you return.

Our next update will contain info and recommendations on excursions you may wish to book for our ports of call.  At evening's dinner we are booked in the Main Dining Room on adjacent tables of 8-10 so we can talk about the next day's events.

Don't hesitate to call Jim, Linda, Don or Bobbi should you have any questions. 

Very best wishes to all,

Jim Connolly and Don Lionetti  (772-492-9787)  (813-281-2133)

NOTES AND DETAILS The 2017 Colors of Canada Cruise for the West Point Class of 1961  

Purpose. This summary augments our Flyer, “Come Cruise With Us on the MS Zuiderdam,” briefed and distributed during the Business Meeting at our 55th Reunion. The Flyer and these Notes and Details were thereafter emailed to our class roster.

Overview. USMA ’61 has successfully sponsored past cruises…..the Caribbean and Alaska with Celebrity Lines attracting 96 and 104 participants respectively; and a Viking River Cruise on the Danube for which we “bought the boat” and sailed at virtually 144 capacity. In addition there have been other informal ’61 river cruises. This proposal again puts us on a medium sized, deep-water ship but, this time, sailing from NYC through Boston and Bar Harbor, then into ports of call in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Saguenay, before arriving at beautiful Quebec City. We arrive there at 8 AM, have the whole day and evening in the historic city if desired, and return to the ship for the night before departing the next morning for home. The entire voyage should expose us to magnificent fall foliage.

Prices. We were motivated to find an excellent cruise at good value. Holland America Line (HAL) offers the itinerary shown on the flyer, in a range of prices ($235pp in cruise, port taxes and government fees are included). You should explore the HAL website at to view staterooms in the categories priced. Single occupancy prices are very high and will be provided on request. But, best option could be to find a partner and leverage double occupancy prices.

Reserve Your Stateroom. Call Bob Durnan at the numbers on the Flyer. He will personally handle our reservations and cabin selections. He typically works 6:30 AM – 1:30 PM Sundays through Thursdays. Go to this web site Click here: Holland America Deck Plans to help you discuss a cabin selection with Bob. A deposit of $600pp is required. It is completely refundable should you have to cancel before final payment due date. Please book by 30 June 2016 to guarantee prices quoted and to get your preferred stateroom. We will email a roster of attendees and will update it periodically.

Meals. All will be assigned a table for (first seating) evening meal, and our West Point tables will be all together, each of us will be free to sit at any of our Class of ‘61 tables. You will be finished in time to make the 8:00 PM stage show. Dress is casual except for three dress-up nights where coat and tie are suggested. No tux required any longer. Breakfast and lunch meals are at times and venues of your choice. Again, see the HAL web site.

Rebates. Once we make our final payments, any discounts based on the number who commit will be prorated equally among all participants as stateroom credits.

Other Expenses to Anticipate. After final payment on July 1, 2017 you will be able to reserve desired Excursions on the Holland America web site. You will be able to get boarding passes on line and register your credit card (for shipboard expenses) and provide passport data. Passports must be current, and be at least six months from expiring as of our last cruise day. Finally, at cruise end, gratuities will be collected, typically from your shipboard account with your approval.

Insurance. You may wish to purchase an insurance policy to refund payments made if illness precludes travel, and to cover any medical expenses should you fall ill while cruising. Jim and Don will investigate offerings at and through, a company Bob Durnan recommends, and at Details will be provided by email to all considering participating in this “61 event .

Transfers. NYC airport to Ship, and Ship to Quebec airport can be provided by HAL for $109 pp. If you plan to drive to the NYC departure pier you can save $75pp of the Transfer fee, but parking nearby can cost $30 per day. Best option, if you are close, is to be dropped off.

Questions. Welcome any time. Call or write:

Don and Bobbi Li Jim and Linda Connolly
813-281-2133 or  772-492-9787 or

813-404-9467(Cell) 812-606-8586(Cell)


This Information Paper supplements the Flyer (with Notes and Details printed on reverse) briefed at our 55th Reunion in May, and distributed the following day to all classmates by email.

As promised, we are providing here details on insurance options for consideration by those planning to participate in the cruise.

You may wish to consider purchasing travel insurance to cover your costs for the trip should you have to cancel for medical or other reasons after final payment is made. Remember, you may cancel for any reason up until final payment and get your full deposit returned.  Also, should you fall ill (or be injured) during the cruise, travel insurance can cover medical costs, and can even reimburse for “Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation.”

USAA.  Appears the most price-competitive travel insurance. For those who are members, go to, sign in and, using the pull down menu for PRODUCTS, select INSURANCE, then ADDITIONAL INSURANCE, then TRAVEL.  Doing this will take you to the TRAVEL INSURED INTERNATIONAL web site where you can get a quote by entering your State, Trip Dates, Destination, ages of travelers and the cost of the trip.  The cost you enter can include contract amount with Cruise Vacation Outlet/Holland America, air fare and/or driving expenses. You will then see the price for each of three levels of coverage (Plus, Basic and Lite) and exactly what is covered.

If you were previously a USAA member or previously eligible, you may be able to rejoin.   

If you purchase within 30 days of booking the cruise/making the initial trip deposit, pre-existing medical conditions are automatically covered.  If not, a 60 day look back period from the date of insurance purchase applies.

TRAVELEX.  This is the company that Bob Durnan recommends.  To do comparison shopping, get details on line at www.TRAVELEXINSURANCE.COM.  Entering almost identical information,  you can get a quote for their three levels of coverage, and details on what is covered.  Similar to the above, you can get their pre-existing condition waiver by purchasing a plan within 21 days of initial trip deposit.

INSURE MY TRIP.  This web site (an information resource) at,  lists many companies providing trip insurance and, with submission of trip dates, cost of trip, etc., provides prices and coverages, an excellent basis for comparison.  They don’t sell trip insurance per se, but do list each company web site should you wish to purchase.

Questions welcome.  Call or write:

Don and Bobbi Lionetti or Jim and Linda Connolly
813-281-2133 or  772-492-9787 or

813-404-9467(Cell) 812-606-8586(Cell)














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