USMA Class of 1961             

“Second to None”

17 December 2001


Class Committee

Bob Glass

Vice President
Glen Adams

Dick Buckner

Ed Brown

Bill Heiberg

Marty Ganderson

1.      Bob Glass convened the meeting at 1915 hours at Ed Brown’s house.  Members present were Bob, Dick Buckner, Ed Brown, Bill Heiberg, and Marty Ganderson.  Glen Adams participated by speaker phone.

2.      The agenda is at Enclosure 1.

3.      Class Committee Organization:  Bob discussed the committee organization outlined at Enclosure 2.  All subcommittees are subordinate to, and will perform their functions through, the class committee.

a.       Recognition Subcommittee:  Responsible for developing the justification packages for classmates recommended by the class committee for recognition as distinguished graduates and other awards.

b.      Class Gift Subcommittee:  Chair to be determined – responsible for all aspects of future class gifts to West Point.

c.       Reconciliation Plaza Subcommittee:  Responsible for all issues related to the Reconciliation Plaza, the class gift dedicated at our 40th reunion.

d.      Web Site Subcommittee:  Responsible for all aspects of our class web site.

e.       Memorial Article Subcommittee:  Responsible for encouraging and coordinating publication of memorial articles for deceased classmates in the Assembly.

f.        Cruise Subcommittee:  Responsible for all aspects of the 2003 Caribbean cruise.  This subcommittee will terminate upon completion of the cruise.

g.       45th Reunion Subcommittee:  Chair to be determined, will be responsible for all aspects of the 45th reunion.

2.      40th Reunion:

a.       Admin:  Ed announced that, to the best of his knowledge, the final count of attendees was 273 Graduates, 8 widows, and 10 non-graduates.  In addition, there were 309 spouses and guests for a total of 600 attendees at one or more functions.  The committee directed that the final list of attendees be published on the class web site.

b.   Financial:  Dick reported total receipts of $187,274.75, disbursements of $164,232.90, leaving a balance of $23,041.85.  The balance includes the $19,525 from the public sale of the Stivers print.  The committee agreed that the $3,516.85 difference was not sufficient to refund any portion of reunion costs to attendees.

c.      After Action Report:  The goal is to have the after action report completed by the end of January 2002.

d.       Post Reunion Activities:

(1)          Cruise:  As shown on the class committee organization chart, John Solomon is the point-of-contact for the 2003 mini-reunion, Caribbean cruise.  More information will be forthcoming with a class mailing in January.

(2)          Sale Items – Pins, Ties, Note Cards:  To date, 16 pins have been sold and another 21 have been ordered (one was sent to replace a broken pin); 11 ties have been sold, another 5 have been ordered; and 16 boxes of cards have been sold, another 10 have been ordered.  Ed gave Dick checks totaling $583.64 generated from the sale to date.  Ed has 7 class crest pins, 17 class ties, and 17 boxes of Stivers print note cards from the 40th reunion available for purchase.

2.      Treasurer’s Report:  Dick provided the following status of funds:

a.       Admin Fund:  Current balance is $36,335.36 which includes the previously mentioned $19,525 from the public sale of the Stivers print.  The need for dues was not discussed.

b.      Gift Fund:  Current balance is $23,243.97 ($10,000 is earmarked to repay a loan from a classmate).  Currently, there are no outstanding obligations.

3.      Bicentennial Celebration:  Bob updated the committee on invitations to the USMA Bicentennial events.  The AOG allotted quotas to each class in addition to inviting society presidents and other specified people outside the class quotas.  Our class received 5 invitations (10 people) to the Carnegie Hall Concert on 15 Mar 02 and 15 invitations (30 people) to the Founder’s Day Dinner on 16 Mar 02.  The committee determined that priority for invitations to the Bicentennial events would be given to significant contributors to the Class (time and funding).

4.      AOG Board of Trustees Nomination:  Bob expressed concern about class representation on the AOG Board of Trustees.  In January 2002, the class will have only Dick Behrenhausen as a trustee to serve until 31 Dec 04 (plus Jay McCann as a trustee emeritus).  The committee will identify additional classmates who would agree to serve as trustees and have the recognition subcommittee develop the nominations in accordance with AOG guidelines.

5.      Other Business:

a.       Napkin Rings:  At the 40th reunion, it was learned that two sons did not receive a USMA napkin ring from the class when they graduated in 2000 and another son did not receive one when he graduated in 1998.  Ed purchased three napkin rings from the AOG Gift Shop, had them engraved, and sent them to the father’s for presentation to their sons on behalf of the class.

b.      Assembly Bicentennial Ads:  Bob received a letter from the AOG encouraging classes to purchase an ad in the Assembly congratulating USMA on its bicentennial. The committee approved the purchase of a half-page color ad for $450 for the March/April edition.

c.       Stivers Painting:  Bill asked about the status of presenting the Stivers oil painting.  Ed explained that Paul DeVries had contacted the USMA Library and the Museum but neither would commit to permanent display.  Glen volunteered to contact Jack Hammack to get his thoughts about donation to the AOG with a commitment for permanent display.  The committee endorsed this suggestion.

6.      The committee agreed to schedule the next meeting for 27 February (subsequently changed to 6 March).  The meeting adjourned at 2130.


                                                                                                    Respectfully submitted,


                                                                                                     Ed Brown







Enclosure 1

              USMA Class of 1961             

“Second to None”

17 December 2001


1.       Class Committee Organization                                                                                            Bob Glass

2.       40th Reunion

a.       Admin                                                                                                                               Ed Brown

b.      Financial                                                                                                                    Dick Buckner

c.       After Action Report                                                                                                       Bob Glass

d.      Post Reunion Activities

(1)          Cruise                                                                                                                    Bob Glass

(2)          Sale items – pins, ties, note cards                                                                         Ed Brown

3.      Treasurer’s Report                                                                                                        Dick Buckner

4.      Bicentennial Celebration                                                                                                      Bob Glass

5.      AOG Board of Trustees Nominations                                                                                 Bob Glass

6.      Other Business

a.       Napkin Rings                                                                                                                  Ed Brown

b.      Assembly Bicentennial Ads                                                                                            Bob Glass


Enclosure 2